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  • Features

    New features has been implemented to the server. Here you can see most of them.
    Warehouse Quest System
    Exchange Crafting System
    Character Menu NPC Counter
    Feedback Achievements
    Advanced Menu  


  • To access the Warehouse, you must talk with the Warehouse Keeper, which is inside the CityHall building.
  • The warehouse is no longer by Character, but instead, it is shared with the entire Account.
  • Is has a space of 500 items to store.
  • You can distribute the Items in different sections. You can rename the sections to sort them in the way you desire.
  • When you exchange items, if your bag is full, the items will be stored in the warehouse.

  • Exchange

  • You can now exchange an unlimited quantity of items.
  • If your bag is full, the Items will be sent to the Warehouse.

  • Character Menu

  • The Character Menu (F5) now displays all the information related to the character.
  • You can see the information of each thing by placing the mouse over any value.

  • Feedback

  • You can access to this menu from the Character Menu.
  • The function of the tool is to give the player the posibility of posting errors and ideas without getting out of the game.
  • Players can upvote or downvote your posts, which will determine its relevancy.

  • Guild

  • The Guild System has been completely re-done. You can see all the Guild information by clicking here.

  • Party

  • The Party can contain an unlimited quantity of members.
  • It will be managed by a Party Master.
  • The Party Master can Kick members from the Party.
  • In case the Party Master disconnects, it will be changed to another member. It can also be changed without having to be disconnected.
  • You can view the members sorted by join order or ABC.
  • You can see the Party Members on the Minimap.
  • Some Guild upgrades might benefit the Party members.
  • Being in party, members can help you finishing it faster. See Quests Information.

  • Advanced Menu

  • It allows you configure the client with your preferences.
  • You can find it on the System Menu (F12), o directly by pressing F10.
  • The changes you make will be saved automatically.
  • You can see the information of any option by placing the mouse over them.

  • Quest System

  • You can take a Quest by talking with the CityHall Officer, inside the Shop.
  • The Quest system has been redesigned so that it can ask more than one NPC type in different maps.
  • It is sorted by Levels, and you cannot do a quest of a higher Level without finishing those from lower levels first.
  • The prize is no longer static, but rather, it can give you from a min. to a max. quantity of Contribution.
  • It can give you random prizes, such as Zemstones, Xelimas, Meriens, Gold, Majestics, extra Contribution, and more, depending on the Quest hardness.
  • You cannot repeat the last finished Quest.
  • If you are on a party, the NPCs that the members kills can benefit everyone and discount the NPCs left for everyone. The probablity is based on the following formulae: <100% / number_of_members>. Meaning that if there are two members on a Party, and you kill a NPC, there is 50% probabilities to discount that NPC for the other members as well.