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  • Guild System

    A guild (or clan) is a group of players identified by a name.

    Creating a Guild

    To create a Guild, you must deal with the Guild Officer, which is in the CityHall. The name of the Guild cannot have more than 20 characters and it cannot begin with a space. Travellers cannot create Guilds. It is no longer needed to have 20 Charisma.

    Deleting a Guild

    You must be the Founder of the Guild in order to dlete it. In case the Guild has contributions or upgrades, you must ask an Administrator to delete it. You can find the Option by talking to the Guild Officer.

    Joining a Guild

    In order to join a Guild, you must buy a Guild Admission Ticket and give it to a GuildMaster or Captain. By joining a Guild, your rank becomes Recruit. A GuildMaster or Captain can change it into Guildsman.

    Withdrawing from a Guild

    In order to withdraw from a Guild, your rank must be Recruit or Guildsman. In case of having a special Rank, a GuildMaster or Captain must change it first. You can come back to a Guild in the future. You can find the option by talking to the Guild Officer.


    Ranks represents hierarchy in the GUild. Each rank has different tasks or abilities.

    - Recruit -

    - Is the initial rank for every member. It represents members not yet totally approved into the Guild. They dont get benefit from some upgrades until they become Guildsman.

    - Guildsman -

    They are definitive members. In order to become a Guildsman, a GuildMaster or Captain must upgrade your, at a cost. They benefit from more upgrades.

    - GuildMaster -

    Is the major rank in the Guild. It can administrate it completely, buy Upgrades, command in some events and more.

    - Captain -

    This rank has to be set by a GuildMaster. In order to do so, the Upgrade must be acquired first. It can make different administrative tasks, in base on his level, like accepting new members, kicking them, buying pgrades, and more.

    - HuntMaster -

    This rank makes a player better against NPCs, but worse against other Players. They have different levels with abilities.

    - RaidMaster -

    This rank makes a player better against others, but worse against NPCs. They also have different levels..


    Any member can make contributions to the Guild to buy Upgrades. Begin EKs, upgrades contribution, majestics, gold or Empire Tokens. You can contribute directly to the Guild by using the Guild Menu.


    The upgrades gives benefits to the Guild Members:

    - Minimap -

    It allows you to see the members on the minimap for two weeks since purchased.

    - Summon Guild -

    It allows you teleport different Members to your position.
    • Level 1:
      • The GuildMaster can summon a max. of 5 non recruit members..

    • Level 2:
      • Enables this function for the Captain. It can summon a max. of 10 non recruit members.

    • Level 3:
      • They can summon an unlimited quantity of members, including Recruits.

    • Level 4:
      • It enables this function for HuntMasters and RaidMasters.

    - Captain -

    It allows you change the Rank of a Member to Captain. Captains can handle administrative tasks. This can only be set by a GuildMaster.
    • Level 1:
      • It allows accept, kicking and changing Ranks of Members. They can use the SummonGuild function, if it has been acquired.

    • Level 2:
      • They can buy Upgrades and perform any Guild asministrative task.

    - HuntMaster -

    It allows you change the Rank of a Member to HuntMaster. HuntMasters are better against NPCs, but worse against Players.

    - RaidMaster -

    It allows you change the Rank of a Member to RaidMaster. RaidMasters are better against Players, but worse against NPCs.

    Extra Information

  • Acquired ranks can be extracted or transferred to other members, but it will need contributions to do so.