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    13/10/2016 - Helbreath Millennium Test

    The main server has been closed due to inactivity and a Test has been opened for the new version. A new graphic engine has been introduced (OpenGL) and we will be solving errors related to it. This is not the Beta since some rates has not been configured yet, we will post a date for the Beta when the time comes.

    04/12/2015 - New version in developmento

    A new server will be opened with a full character reset on 9 January. You will be able to select on playing the old version or new version on the Launcher.

    28/08/2015 - New version in development

    We are currently developing a new version that will be announced soon.

    04/03/2015 - Update 0.7 Release

    To see the changes that has been made, you can check out the version history by Clicking here.

    Changes in Official Server

    We made some changes on the configurations and game information, different from Beta:

  • New Quest System.
  • Changes of Maps and Pits.
  • Changes on the Drop List.
  • Implementation of Crafting and Alchemy.
  • New NPCs Counter of killed mobs.
  • New Achievements System.
  • Other additions and Fixes (Version History).

  • Oficial Server Announcement

    We concluded with the Beta and the server is already stable for releasing the Official on 27 December. We thank those who helped us to find bugs and suggest ideas. The Beta server will keep running until two days before the Official Launch. We hope to see you on 27 December!.

    Beta Server Up

    The beta version of the server is now running. We will do constant updates each one or two days. You can post any error, suggestion or idea in the Forum or on the Feedback menu inside game. Remember that a lot of stuff can be in constant change on beta, so that we will do different polls for the players to decide the different characteristics of the server. To see the changes that we will constantly implement, you can check out the Version History

    Beta Launch - Preview Server

    We will postpone the event a few more days given the fact that some configurations still need a better application. We are really sorry for believing that the Beta was going to be ready for 1 December, but we insist that is better to deliver it completely done rather than partially. Anyways, we will up a test server so you can start seeing the new features, but you must take into account that different important rates and configurations wont be completely added untl the date of this event, and characters can might be deleted in case there are relevant changes. We hope you understand.

    Welcome to Helbreath Empire

    The server is in development, and a beta will be released on 1st December. We will post images to show the new features that we will implement into the Game. The basic idea of the server is to create a fun, balanced and stable high-rate server internationally.

    - Helbreath Empire -