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  • - The server is in development -
    Since: 11 Jun. 2017 12:00 (UTC -05:00)
    Max Level: 200 | Max Stats: 250 | High Rates | Ek x 3


    Patch notes will fully update while in Beta

    Beta: 1.10 (2014-12-08)

    FixCreating chararacter with already existant name
    FixNot being able to run after trying to move icon panel
    FixWizard items not being dropped by some mobs
    FixPurchasing guild admission ticket
    BalanceAdjusted bows, dk and magics damages
    BalanceAdded magic penetration: PFA effect is canceled on target being attacked by holder

    Beta: 1.9 (2014-12-01)

    OtherFree reset stats for beta
    FixMovement being interrupted when mouse position is same than menu being opened
    FixWeapon colors in character menu
    FixPurchasing various arrows
    FixIce golem dealing zero damage
    EnhancementWhispers history with ctrl + arrow key
    EnhancementTab key changes fields in new account menu
    EnhancementUpgrade system implementation
    EnhancementTrading system implementation
    EnhancementExtracting currencies in cityhall menu
    EnhancementShop sections
    EnhancementHero upgrade system implementation
    BalanceAdjusted basics primary drops
    ChangeAttacking death units only when pressing Ctrl
    ChangeRemoved "Critical!" text from unit damages

    Alpha: 1.8 (2014-12-01)

    OtherNotification about bad performance on using multiple monitors
    FixDenying joining guild request
    FixMembers not updating when kicking members or joining to guild
    FixHealth being regenerated on death
    FixBottom left buttons positions (ex. level up) when hiding bottom bar
    FixAttacking mobs in safe areas
    FixMotion of big mobs
    FixSprites of big mobs on death
    FixFlooding attack and peace mode toggle
    FixAlly mobs attacking each other
    FixCasting invisibility on mobs
    FixCasting paralyze for criminals and for allies outside city
    FixMagic buffers displaying negative numbers
    FixEmpty /to command not disabling whisp
    FixRecall working in enemy city
    FixEntering to enemy buildings
    FixCrash on displaying big items
    FixZemstone of sacrifice endurance
    FixShort sword dealing zero damage
    EnhancementToggling character menu information
    EnhancementIn-Game information for guild upgrades
    EnhancementFeedback categories
    EnhancementMusic and sound volume adjuster
    EnhancementToggling displaying trees
    EnhancementEvents implementation with in-game information
    EnhancementDeathmatch statistics
    EnhancementDefault quest system implementation
    EnhancementRepair all option in blacksmith
    BalanceEnemy kill reward restricted when killing low level players
    BalanceCasting recall not allowed if the player received damage within past 10 seconds
    ChangeCharacter names can't start with the "GM" tag
    ChangeMaps cleaned randomly from 1 to 5 hours
    ChangeBuying any magics but not being able to use them if player doesn't have enough int
    ChangeRestricted binded item transactions except dropping into the ground

    Alpha: 1.7 (2014-11-21)

    FixShortcuts for casting magics and equipping items
    FixTransfering and extracting guild ranks
    FixCrash when logging in with heavy item
    EnhancementMultiple language support (english and spanish)
    EnhancementIn-Game information for guilds, mobs, maps, pits and magics
    EnhancementMagic damage grid in background with toggle option
    EnhancementExchange system implementation
    EnhancementCharacter menu implementation, with full characteristics and descriptions for each value
    Enhancement/checkrep command to know how much time a player must wait to send rep
    EnhancementSummon guild command
    BalanceAdjusted mana save for wands and necks
    BalanceAdjusted experience of mobs and amount needed to level up
    BalanceGold drop is now based on the mob's experience
    ChangeMax account and password length set to 16; passwords must contain letters and numbers
    ChangeItems remains in bag instead of being dropped when not being able to give them
    ChangeChat max length set to 80 characters

    Alpha: 1.6 (2014-10-23)

    FixPicking up items not updating the item in ground sprite
    FixMaster-mage-orc sprite
    EnhancementRe-implemented observer mode and moving with arrows feature
    EnhancementScrolling in menues with arrows
    EnhancementTooltips implementation
    EnhancementDisplaying complete item information in warehouse
    EnhancementImproved character creation user interface
    EnhancementDisplaying pits in minimap with toggle option
    EnhancementDisplaying teleporting positions in minimap as white dots
    EnhancementPortals implementation for GM-made events
    EnhancementToggling object transparency
    EnhancementFeedback posts ordered by vote relevancy
    EnhancementHealth bar for mobs
    BalanceReplaced charisma by accuracy for archers
    BalanceAdjusted mobs behaviour time
    ChangePlayer profile has been removed

    Alpha: 1.5 (2014-09-22)

    FixLogging in not working properly after account blocking implementation
    FixItem pick-up mouse animation appearing with menu being in front
    EnhancementFeedback system implementation
    BalanceAdjusted guild system upgrades prices

    Alpha: 1.4 (2014-09-22)

    FixCitizenship sometimes not applying
    FixMouse frame changing when there's an unit behind a menu
    FixPlayer stopping when clicking an item
    EnhancementUser interface generally improved
    EnhancementImplemented guild system
    ChangeNew main menu scene

    Alpha: 1.3 (2014-09-09)

    EnhancementDisplaying party members as dots in minimap
    EnhancementAdvanced menu option to toggle displaying units in minimap
    Enhancement/who command displays the amount of players of each side
    EnhancementAdvanced menu option to toggle keep moving when you mouse-over a menu
    EnhancementTree damage (displays the last five damages done to an unit)

    Alpha: 1.2 (2014-09-08)

    FixVarious bugs with pretend corpse
    FixTeleporting modes
    FixDay time and weather not changing
    FixWhisping a player by pressing Ctrl+T in chat menu with timestamps enabled
    EnhancementTab key changes fields in main menu
    ChangeJail time has been set to 30 seconds
    ChangeFishing skill removed

    Alpha: 1.1 (2014-09-03)

    FixLogging out while being dead
    FixCrash when unexpected or long entry was written in commands
    FixGame running slow in windows 8
    FixMinimizing in windows 8 causing sprite bugs
    EnhancementAutomatic log out when an update is present
    EnhancementRun game in windowed mode
    ChangeMagic name being casted is displayed as blue if caster is friendly or red if enemy

    Alpha: 1.0 (2014-09-01)

    FixPlayer running on pressing menu
    FixLauncher opening version page various times
    FixMana Stone sprite crashing
    FixBig mobs spawn bugging player
    FixMobs sometimes not appearing on death state
    FixPlayer not appearing on revive
    EnhancementNeutral attack
    ChangeWeb launcher now opens version history instead of index page
    ChangeOnly walking or running when on pretend corpse
    ChangeA single jail is now shared between cities

    Root (2014-09-03)

    OtherA lot of changes were made before the first release, but they weren't documented