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  • Volunteers

    The Volunteers (VT) is a limited access position where players help us test unofficial content, discuss new ideas, and provide feedback. The participants are randomly selected players who previously demonstrated to be a positive influence in the community. Our concept aims to encourage collaboration between players and the server developers, and ensure that we are addressing the biggest concerns of players.

    1 - How does a player recognize a volunteer among all players?
    Volunteers have "VT-" preffix in their names. Only official volunteers can hold these special names.

    2 - How does GMs decide who becomes a volunteer?
    Since our goal is to get the best possible feedback to improve the game, we are looking for polite, active and hungry players who have proven to be a positive influence in the community.

    3 - How often are volunteers admitted?
    We invite new entrants during the weekends, and the number of players to choose from is based on the content we are ready to test.

    4 - How is the behavior of volunteers monitored?
    Volunteers ARE NOT GMs. Common players rules apply to volunteers. However, volunteers exhibiting toxic behaviors will be expelled from their rank without the possibility of appeal.

    5 - Where do volunteers report bugs?
    Volunteers have special access to a private Discord channel and other features where they can contact and have discussions with the GM team in real time.

    6 - Can a volunteer share information from reports provided on the Discord private channel?
    No. Sharing classified information will result in the permanent removal of access to GM's private rooms and their volunteer account.